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Human Resource Audits & Managerial Design

Larry Bowman - Hotel Solutions Partnership - Consultant, UK / EMEA

Larry Bowman

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Larry Bowman is a specialist in the ‘people dimensions’ of the international hospitality business, helping clients to achieve their strategic goals by making effective use of their people as a source of competitive advantage. He leads and participates in assignments that focus on enhancing management and organisation effectiveness, particularly individual and team performance improvement, leadership development, HR strategy and HR processes and training and education. Having lived and worked in eight countries and carried out assignments worldwide, he brings in-depth knowledge of the cross-cultural dimensions to doing business internationally.

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rosie hobbs hotel solutions partnership

Rosie Hobbs

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Rosie Hobbs specialises in designing and implementing organisation development solutions to support hotel companies with their start up, change or expansion objectives. With over 25 years of international hospitality experience in multicultural environments, her particular expertise is in the people development arena, designing and delivering best practice processes and training initiatives to realise performance potential and competitive advantage.


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Vic Alcuaz - Hotel Solutions Partnership | Consultant, Asia Pacific

Vic Alcuaz

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Vic Alcuaz has 30 years’ experience in the development of human capital and organisational structures. His consulting services include hotel and resort pre-openings, organisational development, executive and staff recruitment, training development and facilitation, standards and procedures writing, design of performance management systems, and design of staff incentive programs among other human capital disciplines.

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