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David Marshall - Hotel Solutions Partnership Consultant - Americas

Dave Marshall


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Dave Marshall specialises in distribution technology, hospitality industry marketing – existing and emerging markets, social media, online marketing solutions, mergers and acquisitions. Before joining Hotel Solutions Partnership in May 2013, he was the Principal with the Akamai Group, a boutique international consulting group providing technology solutions, merger and acquisition support social media strategies and marketing services to the travel, aviation and hospitality industry. In 2012 he was an Advisor to K Hotels, and in the previous two years worked as the Director North America of Multicom Products Ltd in San Francisco, that delivered software solutions to the UK travel industry, that significantly increased travel business efficiencies and offered a wide range of travel related products that included flights, accommodation, packages, car hire, trains, insurance and many others. Previoulsy he was the President of the Vacation Marketing Group, a Pioneering national online travel agency selling travel packages to Hawaii. In the run-up to the 1984 Olympics, Dave joined the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee to oversee the logistics, hospitality services, transportation and security at the Los Angeles International Airport. This experience remains a high point in his life.